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A320 Germanwings Flight 9525 Plane Crash Detailed Animation - [24 March ...

Cause of crash
According to French and German prosecutors, the crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz.Brice Robin said Lubitz was initially courteous to Captain Sondenheimer during the first part of the flight, then became "curt" when the captain began the midflight briefing on the planned landing.Robin said when the captain returned from probably using the toilet and tried to enter the cockpit, Lubitz had locked the door.The captain had a code to unlock the door, but the lock's code panel can be disabled from the cockpit controls The captain requested re-entry using the intercom; he knocked and then banged on the door, but received no response.The captain then tried to break down the door, but like most cockpit doors made after the September 11 attacks, it had been reinforced to prevent intrusion. During the descent, the co-pilot did not respond to questions from air traffic control, nor transmit a distress call.Robin said contact from the Marseille air traffic control tower, the captain's attempts to break in, and Lubitz's steady breathing were audible on the cockpit voice recording.The screams of passengers in the last moments before impact were also heard on the recording.
After their initial analysis of the aircraft's flight data recorder, the BEA concluded that Lubitz had made flight control inputs that led to the accident, though it had yet to be determined why. He had set the autopilot to descend to 100 ft (30 m) and accelerated the speed of the descending aircraft several times thereafter.The aircraft was travelling at 700 km/h (380 kn; 435 mph) when it crashed into the mountain.The BEA preliminary report into the crash was published on 6 May 2015, six weeks later. It confirmed the initial analysis of the aircraft's flight data recorder and revealed that during the earlier outbound Flight 9524 from Düsseldorf to Barcelona, Lubitz had practised setting the autopilot altitude dial to 100 ft several times while the captain was out of the cockpit.
The BEA final report into the crash was published on 13 March 2016. The report confirmed the findings made in the preliminary report and concluded that Lubitz had deliberately crashed the aircraft as a suicide, which stated.

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